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Profil Steam [STEAM_0:1:41772620]:
Napisano 23 Sep 16:38 w temacie POMOCY!
I know I shouldn't respond to threads like this but you may have been banned if you get that message.

Napisano 23 Sep 16:32 w temacie Odwołanie od BAN
I am not going to lie I did have lmaobox at the time however I'm quite sure It was the account I linked first that I had the cheat injected not the one you linked, in any case, it was fair for me to get banned and I completely understand if you decide to close this thread.

Napisano 23 Sep 16:16 w temacie Odwołanie od BAN
Ignoring the fact the vac ban originated from CSGO, not TF2, I understand not wanting someone with any past vac bans Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Napisano 23 Sep 13:59 (edytowany) w temacie Odwołanie od BAN
Link do profilu Steam: STEAM_0:1:41772620Data wydarzenia: Around 2020 close to September.Treść odwołania: I have played on your servers for a short while, maybe a few hours, on both my main account and alt account and yes I did know that playing on multiple accounts is a bannable offence however, I still went through with it.I would appreciate it immensely if you would consider unbanning me.p.s - This is the alt account I played on