Spawn Ubers (turbine)
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Napisano 26 Jul 12:53
Hey, so i was playing on turbine server, and a really weird situation occured. A guy was literally sitting at spawn with uber as sniper, and at 1 point he got a 30 killstreak. Now in my opinion, that's a bit broken. Now i dont know much about this stuff, but would it be possible to make it so that a player is ubered only when he is respawned, and the uber fades after few seconds? Im not a huge fan of spawn ubers in the first place, but that would be a compromise that i think would make strats like this a lot less gamebreaking/unfun. (lol what am i doing on a Polish forum)
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Napisano 26 Jul 12:58 (edytowany)
I've disabled the spawn protect. Turbine is hard to create a good protect spots.