[Admin Application - Exodore - TF2 100% Crits]
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Napisano 04 Oct 22:46 (edytowany)
Hello !Before you go futher on my application please take note that i'm french, i don't speak polish at all, but my english is, i think, quite good.Name:
Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/exodore/ SteamID:
Number of lost hours in the game:
Number of hours spent on the server :
According to the tracker, 83h ? It may not be a lot but I started playing on this server 3 weeks ago. Also I already purchased VIP so of course i'm planning to keep playing here
Links to GameTracker with hour statistics: 1. Is the so-called server valid? "micro +16" rule?
According to this : https://brygadagraczy.pl/rules.php?type=tfcrits, no.
2. Two players are arguing with each other, what are you doing?
As i said, i'm don't speak polish. If the argument is in polish, I will try to use google translate to have an idea of what is going on. I will then speak to both players, in english, to try to settle the argument
3. The younger person with a high-pitched voice uses voice chat, what are you doing?
Nothing, he as the same right as anyone to use his mic, as long as it is in a reasonable way (not yelling, crying on every death...)
4. The player uses voice chat with a crackling microphone, what are you doing?
Inform him that his mic is probably malfunctionning, and try to help him to fix it beforehe can use it again. If he still uses it, then i'll mute him for like an hour.
5. The new player is trolled by others, e.g. to enter
in the console - what are you doing?
I will obviously tell the new player to not listen to what the other players are telling him, and probably add him as a friend so i can explain him in private what is happening (I think it's a clearer and faster way since he maybe won't understand that i'm an admin, even with the admin tag before my name, or he may miss my messages in the game chat). And then of course i will ask the others players to stop saying such things as it is, in my opinion, very childish, not fun, and can ruin the experience for new players. I'll write down their names so if they do it again, mute/gag them, or temporary ban if they persist.
6. Why are you suitable as an administrator?
I think my best asset is my age. I just want to make the game as enjoyable as possible for everyone. I'm not affected by people insulting me, or trying to troll me, I absolutely don't care, I just care about playing, having fun, and keeping that rank 1 ( Kappa ). When kids are raging, or insulting, i'm not reacting impulsively, I'm always cool and I just ask them nicely to stop. I'm also playing more or less evey day for 2-3 hours, and (a lot more) on the weekend, so I think its good to just have an admin in-game as it may prevent people from going beyond the rules since they know an admin is here (prevention is better than cure)
Something from yourself:So i'm 27, coming from France, working as a web developper. I'm a big FPS player (COD, Battlefied, Overwatch, CS, Tf2, Borderlands, Destiny...) and i love sniping. I also dedicated a few years of life to world of warcraft, Lok'tar Ogar !. Huge fan of hardstyle and hardcore music. I love beer.Anyway, thanks for reading my application. I would like to mention that i read Pinky's application, and Czepeel's response "We appreciate your effort but we suppose that you will have a big problem with identity ironic people that insulting each others. One day you mute somebody for flame and someone have problem with that "he was innocent" and you can't react well because polish is not your everyday communication language." is a very good point that i can't argue with. And also, with the few people that tried to talk to me in polish, I just had to tell them I'm not polish and they all started to talk in english so i can understand. Have a nice day !
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Napisano 04 Oct 23:19
Man, SteamID is not nickname. Here u can check your true SteamID -> https://steamidfinder.com + your steam profile must be completely public during the recruitment process so u should fix it asap.
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Napisano 05 Oct 12:55
Sorry, it's edited.
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Napisano 08 Oct 14:23
iS tHiS aN aDmIn ApPliCaTiON i sEe?
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Napisano 08 Oct 14:34 (edytowany)
No it's just your imagination, the cake is a lie, everything is a lie, the world is flat, now go back on youtube to watch tutorials on how to charge jump, you shameless flyhacker.*jump charges into a wall*
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Napisano 09 Oct 12:39
Jest bardzo aktywną osobą na serwerze.Na serwerze przebywa dużo osób zagranicy,a Exodore nie ma problemu z komunikowaniem się z nimi. Zawsze jest lepiej jak 2 osoby będą monitorowały serwer Jestem za przyjęciem Exodore
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Napisano 14 Oct 23:58
Application approved.